“Oh no kid, you can’t bring that in here.” Buff was looking at me with small beady eyes. His huge bulky hands were folded across his giant chest, covered in tattoos. “Look, why do you keep calling me kid I’m no younger than you.” I said. “And my Racer will blend in just fine in this place of lunatics.” I said pointing my chin towards the entrance through which you could see all the crazy…people…with their blue coloured hair, boys who’ve put eyeliner and makeup…you’d think it was a circus but it was a bar- an illegal bar.

“No younger than me, eh? I’m a hundred and thirty seven years old. You look as if you’re the same except without the thirty seven.” Buff said.

The people behind me started looking at me in disgust, their eyes shining in the moonlight.

“Go home kid!”

“No place for you here!”

Buff was still standing in front of me, waiting for me to leave.

And so I did, I put my skateboard down and went back all the way to my best friend Jason’s house.

As soon as I reached I knew something had happened. The windows were opened, when he hated opening them but loved turning on the AC.

I pushed open the door which was also unlocked.

His house was thrashed, everything out of place. His socks drawer was open, his wardrobe was on the floor. His couch was torn to shreds and there were scratch marks everywhere.

Demons, I thought angrily. So now I get to meet them.

As if reading my mind, I heard a ferocious roar from behind me.

I whirled, only to see that what I thought was true.

The demon was unlike any I had seen before. It’s body was completely twisted with green saliva pouring out of its amazingly sharp teeth.

“Catherine Gilbert” it snarled.

“We hear that you do not wish to look for Master Hale…”it said, inching closer to me.

“What have you done with Jason?” I said. “Oh he is quite safe for now. It’s just a little motivation for you… You’re on you tenth clue, am I right?

I swallowed hard, I had absolutely no intention to tell him anything about that and I’m pretty sure that the fear was etched clearly on my face.

“Ohhh yes you are. Well then if you want your little…Jason, safe and sound I think Los Angeles would be the best place for you. Better start packing, doll, because you’re already 18 and Master Hale is still looking for you.”


The shadows of the world seemed to encompass the room. There were at least three people standing there plus many more demons. The sound of the ocean could be heard in the background which made it look like they were on a ship.

Hale, Master Hale” said the boy standing in front of the one he called Master Hale. He looked at his Master with reverence but then, anyone would.

‘Master’ Hale was standing in a plain white shirt with a black coat and jeans. His eyes were blue with a stern look in them and his posture was strict and confident.

“Any news about Miss Gilbert, Lucas? I am getting impatient,” he said.

“Our minions inform me that Miss Gilbert has been attacked by our very own demon. He says that she has not been hurt, according to your wishes, but they have captured her friend Jason to give her some….ah, motivation.” His eyes glinted in the moonlight and a smile was clearly playing at his lips.

“Very well, Lucas. Let no harm come to her and…you say she’s on the tenth clue, eh? Well then, speed up the process but do not interfere with The Circle, they are nasty people as you already know.” He gave Lucas a pointed stare while Lucas remained standing as if recalling a bad memory.

“As you wish, Master.” He bowed and walked away.


Hickety, Pickety let’s go home! La, la, la ,la, la ,la ,la…..”

As if the number of bumps in this stupid ride and last night’s despicable dream weren’t enough, now this idiotic band  had to start singing a song about going home.

The ‘La Milano’ was a band that traveled every fortnight on any bus, went wherever it’s going and sings for the people who travel with them. Many people like them but if I travel on a bus and don’t see them I consider myself very lucky.

Since I couldn’t rely on my luck a lot these days, I guess it wasn’t their fault.

Los Angeles, where I was going, was home to the richest casino owners, to gamblers and to people who just loved the casinos.

Me on the other hand? I was going there to find the tenth clue, the last one in the ‘Game.’

It so happens that this world that we live in, is not the real world. For all we know, this could just be an everlasting video game that someone else is playing. All our thoughts and our emotions – they all might be controlled by someone else.

The real world is somewhere else, on the Earth all right but not…here.

Which is why The Circle is present. The Circle has the responsibility of keeping the peace between our world and the real world. It has to make sure that people in this world don’t find out about the real one.

So, every hundred years people like me are brought down to Earth. In a way we are meant to keep the peace. We’re half computers- our presence makes other humans bring down their curiosity, it stops their scientists from figuring out the truth about their land.

But that’s not the main reason for us being here.

Even though The Circle is supposed to be keeping the peace, it despises our world more than anything.

So, they send ten pairs of people down here. By pairs I mean look-a likes, but they can never be of the same gender. Ten boys along with ten girls are sent to Earth and all the necessary information is already programmed in their brains.

The Game, is what they are meant to play.


“Ola, everyone! The city that never sleeps, awaits you!”


The night seemed to have its own kind of sunlight in LA. You could never saunter in those streets full of people with their own kind of gloom and enthusiasm shining out of them.

Although, I couldn’t say the same for myself, the wheels in my mind kept turning and they didn’t seem to stop.

Why would The Circle want me, want us to try and kill each other?

They’re obviously trying to find the strongest ones…but why? Surely they could train us all…couldn’t they? Unless there’s something big happening – something that they are planning. But why would The Circle do something without the consent of the people living within their lands?

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t see him.

He was standing right there looking at me with those strange blue eyes that never seem to miss anything.

“Cathy…I really have missed you. But the Master is waiting. Shall we?” Jason’s ever so compelling voice seemed to think that I knew what was happening and what he was saying. But my face told him a different story.

“Cathy I…” Before he could say anything I reached out and hugged him as tightly as I could. I put all my energy, all my sadness, all my hysteria into that one hug because I knew that it was worth it and I knew that if I didn’t  do it now I might never get to do it again.

“Oh my god Jason where have you been? The demon, oh you don’t know what they are, do you? But don’t worry we’ll get out of this mess.” Suddenly I was crying my eyes out and that was very rare for me since I never actually had a reason to cry.

The only thing that stopped me was his cold hard stare that he locked me with. His eyes swept over me, a look that practically every other girl would die for.

“Cathy,” he began, “I don’t know what demon you’re talking about. All I know is that Master Hale has asked me to come get you. All the essential things are already there. We shall better get going.” His voice sounded so cold and distant to me that I almost failed to recognise it. “Go? But go where? And what Master Hale are you talking about? Please can we go home and then I will explain everything to-” He cut me off with a sharp glare and his voice turned into a whisper, “We are here to follow only and only Master Hale’s orders. Understand? And if your life has any worth to you, you will come with me. Got it?”

He turned and started walking towards the bus that standing there for quite a lot of time as if waiting for him. I, like the idiot I was, hurried to catch up with him, wondering how this Hale guy could be that difficult to deal with? I mean I had dealt with demons before so he couldn’t be much worse.


Boy, was I wrong.





Hey guys! So here it is, the first chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did please comment and share. I’ll try and update on ce a week but can’t promise anything. You can reach out to me on my email–

Thanks for giving it a shot! Byee!







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