The wind brushed her face ever so gently, but she knew better than to fall for the calmness of the desert. A storm was brewing—- she could feel it, right under the serenity of the day. A grey dove sat perched beneath one of the cactii and it looked at her right in the eye as if giving her a warning, ‘Terrible and great things are about to take place.’

3:34 am and I’m awake, lying in the balcony with a blanket draped over me and looking at the stars. I could almost hear the soft, slow music playing all around me. With all that, I could have passed for a normal teenage girl to anyone who saw me.  But my life wasn’t that simple.

At the age of twelve when I got to know who I was, The Circle took me away from my family and left me on one of the most unsafe and deserted streets in Boston. It took all that I had in me that day to not lie there and die of cold and starvation. I learned how to survive and quickly got to know about the clues that The Circle had hidden so that I could find my look alike. Which is why I kept running and never settled down. I never made friends and never trusted anyone. When I was taken away from my own family I stopped trusting everyone —until Jason.

An hour before my training session started Lucas came up to my room to make sure that I was wearing the proper clothes, my hair was nicely done and I had eaten breakfast. To my surprise (but not his) I had done none of these things since I didn’t know that we had to wear a blasted costume for the training session!

“Calm down, Madame. When you behave like this I have this rather uneasy feeling of killing you myself and relieving Master from the trouble of hearing you screech and whine like a damsel in distress, which I don’t think you intend to be.” His tone was much sharper than before and it made me really angry that everyone in this stupid mansion was the same.

“I’ll tell you who’s going to kill who, you slimy little–” I reached for him but just then a strong hand captured my wrist within its grip of iron, not letting me move an inch.

“Miss Gilbert, may I remind you that you are staying at my mansion under my rules and I will not allow such vile behaviour! So I suggest you listen to Lucas and do what he says or make yourself comfortable on the streets of LA. I suppose it shouldn’t be that hard for you.” And with that he walked off.

“So Madame, do you see?  Well whether you do or you don’t, I have been kind enough to leave your training clothes on the bed and when you’re ready you can call for me and I will not so gladly escort you to the training room.” He did not even bother to bow, instead threw me a glare and walked away.

It took me quite some time to put on those clothes but in the end I managed it. Since I had absolutely no clue what Lucas meant by ‘calling him,’ I went down all alone.

The mansion was pretty much a haunted house.

With a million doors and corridors leading to rooms as huge as one house, I officially considered myself lost. That’s when I noticed a strange room. The sign above it said, ‘Findings of Dr. Hyde.’

Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well I guess it couldn’t hurt to look inside since I have nothing else to do.

I walked in, careful not to drop anything because the whole place was littered with test tubes and colored liquids and god knows what. There were papers everywhere—stuck on the walls, scattered on the ground and overall the place was a complete mess. When I picked up one of the papers, it didn’t look that great just a bunch of directions and lines and numbers that didn’t make sense  at all. That’s when I noticed what all of them were talking about, just eight simple words which would have looked like nothing to anyone else but meant a lot to me.

I know how you can win The Game.


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