Break Free

Dear Women of the world,

I am sorry that our generation is condemned to the same fate as the previous ones. I am sorry that we are still confined within society’s walls of ‘perfect.’ But today, I intend to make a hole in it. This one is for all the badass women we’ve read about. These women were the first ones who taught us to break through.

To Katniss Everdeen, who went against all norms of society, who went to unimaginable lengths for her loved ones, who always fought back no matter what- she told me that it’s okay to feel out of place once in a while. She taught me to always be resilient and to never back down.

To Hermione Granger, who taught me that it’s okay to be bossy and loud. She taught me to always stand up for what is right.

To Jo March who represented thousands of women and found comfort in art rather than hair and nails. She taught me to be outgoing and not care what the world thinks.

These were the women who shaped us, and to them we owe our lives.

So, to all the women across the world- it’s okay to choose baggy pants for a day, it’s okay to not go to the gym and work off that donut, it’s okay to want to change your career at 30 and it’s okay to seek help. Today there’s a whole generation growing up with the image of ‘perfect’ engraved in their minds. They feel that they have to hide their depression, anxiety and anorexia. They don’t visit a therapist in fear of being shunned by society. And I’m talking about girls and boys.

As a feminist, I think it’s important to remember that we stand for equality, which means girls are equal to boys not greater than them. There are a number of boys across the world who go through dark times too. They have weight problems, they suffer from depression, anxiety and anorexia just like we do. They are probably hurting inside too.

So this women’s day, I call out to everyone, not just women, and I urge you to break free. Jump over pink and blue and find comfort in a neutral yellow. Be that person you want to be.

Speak up

Be loud

Uncross your legs

Eat that donut

Pack a punch

And just BE.

Happy Women’s Day.


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