change is afoot

Have you ever noticed the number of children that walk past you on the road? Has it ever occurred to you that one of these kids might be suffering from a lung disease? These children walk close to your car, unaware of the dangerous fumes that your car emit, destroying their lives day by day. People have to realize that these children who die slow, tiresome, fatigued deaths everyday are dying because of us. Our habits of not turning off the engine because of OUR laziness is slowly killing others. But it’s not their faults is it? They are not privileged enough to sit in AC cars like us, but did they chose this life?

Walking across that street at rush hour with the cars covering every inch of the road, the air seemed to be full of hazardous gases. As if to prove my point, people around seemed to gasping for a breath of fresh air. The smog caused by the diesel fumes was a huge part of this. I noticed several pedestrians including children, senior citizens and almost everyone having a difficult time. The incessant honking of the cars and the number of people was causing havoc all around.

Similar things could be seen at school. Children were absent all the time and those who showed up were always coughing. The lack of stamina that most of them showed didn’t come as much of a surprise to me.

Still, isn’t there anything that we can do to spread awareness about the rising pollution? Maybe we could do small things that motivated others. In Mumbai there are only 24% of people who think that they as individuals are also responsible for the amount of pollution in their city. We can try and add to these people by help making our cities a better and a greener place to live in. this would not only help us but a million other people who suffer from lung diseases like bronchitis. In India around 35% of school going children suffer from poor lung health.

To contribute towards our country’s welfare we could encourage youngsters to use the school bus or carpool. Dedicated lanes for heavy vehicles would also help because even the smallest change can make a big difference.

Even after hours and hours of thinking, you wouldn’t be able to find a way to stop pollution once and for all. So if we can’t dot that, let’s start small. Why don’t YOU make it a point to use cars only when you really need it? Walk shorter distances and encourage other people to do so too. Thus there would be one less car on the road- killing one less child. Start contributing YOURSELF so that others do so too.

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