Almost Free

Hi! This is a poem I wrote about independent India. I hope you enjoy reading it.  

This poem has a cow walking down the road 

Getting hit by a bus,

And a man that

Finds bars in front of his face

Because he ran over the holy mother.  

It has Patel uncle downing the gosht,

Hushed whispers soon following

Its controversial scent.

This poem has plastic flags they gave out,

Later found floating in the gutter,

“Because patriotism is more than a flag.”

And remembers the man 

Whose blood marks the theatre 

where he took his final breath 

Because he couldn’t stand up in time for the anthem.

“Because what is patriotism, if not our flag?”

This poem is full of paan stains on legal records,

24×7 electricity vs 1-hour power supply,

Boys with pink dresses,

Girls with purple bruises.

This poem has everything I see around me.


I’m not on the stage

And you aren’t the audience 

So the nation will put on a show

And everyone will just

Wipe the screen,

Cover the blue-black arms,

The sunken eyes,

The red stains,

Play their part  

And feel free while doing it.

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